ELVIK SA was founded in 1982; it’s the leading manufacturer of B-15 Class materials in Greece. The company is composed of a group of experienced Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Designers and Ship Inspectors, the very group that developed the non-combustible materials (Panels, Doors, Ceilings and respective accessories) system.

In the course of time ELVIK SA became competitive and the executives acquired experience and Know-How in other sections of Marine Technology, i.e. Ship Design Cruisers Construction and Heavy Constructions (marine and land use).

The offices of our company are located in Piraeus, Greece, the center of Marine Technology and Shipping Activities.

ELVIK S.A. offers its products and services to the following areas of Marine Industry and the Industry of land.


Our specialized personnel also take over occupations as Technical Advisers on behalf of the Owners, as Studies, Ship’s specification, Shipbuilding, Inspections, Organization, Design of detailed structural drawings, etc. ELVIK S.A. also undertakes studies of interior decoration, Piping diagrams, ventilation diagrams, Sprinkler, etc.

The Safety of Life at Sea, (SOLAS), Convention of 1974 set in force new, very strict, standards concerning the Fire-Resistant Materials in order same to be used to the vessel’s construction or convention. For that purpose, ELVIK SA designed their own paneling System, in accordance to SOLAS requirements plus all latest and up-to-date amendments. The ELVIK SA system – ELVIK own patent – has been successfully tested by worldwide recognized International Organizations and approved by First Class Classification Societies.

The basic philosophy of this System is that Panels used consist of two dip hot galvanized steel sheets coated by PVC with high density rock wool core. These components are bonded together, by special uninflammable and non-toxic glue, under high pressure and temperature.

According to the above, the ELVIK SA System provides high fidelity and quality standards. Same System can also be applied for commercial use in civil industry as fully complying with the International rules and regulations.

Due to that ELVIK’s capability was tremendously expanding, a transferring to a modern, up-to-date, new and fully automatic self-owning factory took place, in order to succeed against international competition.

ELVIK’s Factory, located in the industrial area of Mandra Attica, has the capacity of production of 4.000m2 per day, under the scientific supervision of our engineers.

The ELVIK System features panels fitting together by special formed ends, creating by that an extremely effective fire barrier. The steel surfaces of the panel are coated by one layer of 150 microns PVC, in a wide range of finishing colors.

With the ELVIK System and its advantaged way of fitting and installation, the skilled labor requirements, the time needs for completion, the decoration expenses and the overall cost are minimized.

ELVIK Panels have also been designed to provide a high efficiency acoustic insulation. The special “Sound Proof”50mm Panel has the capacity to reduce the sound up to 45dB, depending on the receiving frequency.

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