ELVIK S.A. has been awarded numerous times for its products, its line work and the quality assurance system. One of these awards is the international “Leader in status and quality”.

European Institute of Commercials Relations Inc.


ELVIK S.A. manufactures incombustible materials; class B-15 steel panels, ceilings and doors, in accordance with the standards of the INTERGOVERNMENTAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION, I.M.O., and the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OF SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA, SOLAS, plus all additional latest amendments.

Our company’s products have been verified by numerous international houses for their fire resistance features, soundproof abilities, etc.

Lloyds register

Lloyd's Register Certificates (MED – Wheel Mark)

  • Fire resisting Steel Panel B-15 / 34mm
  • Fire resisting Steel Panel B-15 / 50mm
  • Fire Resisting Door B-15
  • Fire resisting Ceiling B-15/A-30


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ISO 9001 GR

ISO 9001 Certificate

Η ΕΛΒΙΚ ΑΕΒΕ διαθέτει σύστημα ποιότητας ISO 9001:2015 για τον σχεδιασμό, την κατασκευή και την τοποθέτηση των υλικών της (panels, πόρτες, οροφές κτλ.) για χρήση στη θάλασσα και την ξηρά.

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