ELVIK SA was founded in 1982, consisting of a group of experienced Naval Architects, Architects, Marine Engineers, Designers and Ship Inspectors, the group that developed the non-combustible materials system, so called as the «MS» system.

In the course of time, the Company became competitive and the executives acquired experience and Know-how in other sections of Marine Technology, such as: Ship Design Cruisers Construction, Heavy Constructions along with the use of «MS» system at shore.

The offices of our company are in Greece and specifically in Piraeus, the centre of Marine Technology and Shipping Activities.

ELVIK S.A. offers its services to the following areas of Marine Industry and the Industry of land:



The specialised personnel of Naval Architects, Architects and Engineers also takes over occupations as Technical Advisers on behalf of the Owners, as: Studies, Ship’s specifications, Shipbuilding, Inspections, Organisation, Design of detailed structural drawings, etc.

ELVIK S.A. also undertakes studies of interior decoration, piping diagrams, ventilation diagrams, sprinkler, etc.

The International Convention S.O.L.A.S. of 1974 and its up-to-date amendments, set new and exacting standards for the fire-resisting materials which are to be used for the construction of ships. In order to provide a range of fire Safety Panels for the market, we designed the «MS» system, which has been tested and approved with International Certificates, according to the S.O.L.A.S. ‘74 requirements.

The PANELS (SANDWICH type) are made of galvanised steel plates and mineral wool, which can faultlessly fit together, forming the most qualified protection against fire.

The use of the «MS» system, reduces the specialised personnel as well as the man-hours for installation, decoration and maintenance of the whole construction, comparing with the other conventional systems.

The PANELS of the «MS» system have been also designed to provide a high standard noise insulation; the STANDARD PANEL of 50mm is able of a noise reduction up to 45 dB.

Nonetheless, the PANELS, although having been designed for marine use, they also have an increased commercial use at land.

So, due to increasing demand, ELVIK S.A. has been transferred to a new factory, at the industrial area of Mandra, Attica. Thanks to the new automatic mechanical equipment, the production has increased to 4,000 square meters per day, compared to the 1,000 square meters per week, produced with the previous equipment.

ELVIK S.A. is specialized in manufacturing steel wall panels, ceilings and doors, according to the rules of the INTERGOVERNMENTAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION, I.M.O., and the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OF SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA, SOLAS ‘74.

ELVIK S.A. has the ability to undertake full manufacturing and equipment of cabins, toilets, etc, in accordance with the requirements of the Owners, and placing them on board by the company’s qualified and experienced working crew.